McGuire_shelf map_draft2_vector

Practical workshops for researchers are offered in the MVZ and BNHM on a semi-regular basis.

Check the dropdown for links to workshop or come here to find out about upcoming ones.

Summer 2015 series (each is 2 hours in the MVZ Library):

  • June 16th, Tues 10 am – Georeferencing for biologists: learn about how to georeference biodiversity data and how to use these data from VertNet or GBIF.
  • June 24th, Wed 2 pm – Beginner’s Intro to GIS using ArcGIS: learn all the basics to get you working with GIS data in ArcGIS
  • June 30th, Tues 10 am – Beginner’s GIS using Quantum GIS: Mac and Linux users take heart! You can do GIS too with QGIS. Same functions as last week’s demo but in the QGIS environment.
  • July 8th, Wed 1 pm – Vector work


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