“The art of modelling range-shifting species”

Species Distribution Modeling

A podcast with Jane Elith, Michael Kearney and Steve Phillips in – Methods in Ecology and Evolution. They model the invasive Cane Toad to highlight the problems with purely correlative modeling when applying to novel climate scenarios from which it was trained (e.g. extrapolating to novel geography). In comparative tests of four methods with individual treatments, they demonstrate integrating mechanistic modeling and controlling the fit of models to increase reliability of models especially with species in non-equilibrium in novel circumstances. [link to online article]



Species Distribution Modeling, Tutorials

I can’t believe I missed this: World Statistics Day! Who knew there was a day to celebrate (if that’s the right verb for you) statistics?

So with that excuse, I’m reposting links to learning and using R from the R bloggers aggregate site which did commemorate World Statistics Day with a nice set of links to Tutorials for R.

On the subject of R, specific to Species Distribution Modeling, Robert Hijmans has a R package called dismo, which allows you to port your entire workflow to R,  from GBIF queries and georeferencing to modeling with Bioclim, Domain, Mahalanobis, GLM, GAM, Maxent, BRT, RF,  or SVMs.

More tutorial material on R and modeling in the future.